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Get Your 2021 Moving

Happy New Year!  I’ll be getting 2021 moving using Three A’s to motivate myself in my life and my work.  I’m sharing my plans here so that you might find something useful to help to kick start your 2021.

My Three A’s are:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Assumption
  • Action

I’ll be using these Three A’s to focus energy, improve confidence and get motivated.

1. Acknowledgement

2020 was a tough year for many people.  You may have experienced lows from things like physical illness, worry, isolation and loss of income or a job.  You may have experienced highs from new experiences such as re-connecting with someone online or finding a new leisure activity.  For me, the process of acknowledging the highs and the lows of last year has enabled me to give it a separate place in my mind, so I have got some space to move forward with the new year.

2. Assumption

You might be starting 2021 by looking for a new job, seeking to improve your wellbeing or making a change elsewhere in your life.  In my experience it is important to start from a place of reality.  This can include taking a look at the assumptions we make about ourselves and other people, as negative assumptions can be damaging to our self-belief.  Our self-talk can have a huge impact on our confidence, our feelings and on our behaviour.  Working on assumptions and unhelpful beliefs can free us from things that are blocking us from moving forward.

3. Action

Motivation can be difficult at this time of year and especially during the current challenging times.  There’s lots of information out there on setting goals and resolutions for the new year, which can be overwhelming.  For me, having created head space and started work on any negative self-talk, I’m ready to plan some simple action.  Motivation can be kick started by focusing our energy only on the things we can control and influence, which reduces our feelings of pressure and gives us a starting point.

Get Your 2021 Moving

In whatever way you want to start 2021, you don’t have to do it alone.  There’s lots of support and resources available online, through the NHS or through an employer.

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There are lots of great resources online, below are a two of my favourites.

The Worry Tree is a great tool to help you to manage your worries and shift your focus so you can get on with your day.  Here’s the link to the Tackle Your Worries video from Every Mind Matters, which shows you how The Worry Tree works.

The Stress Container can help you to clearly see what’s causing your feelings of stress and how you can make more use of your helpful coping mechanisms.  Here’s the link to the MHFA online interactive stress container which takes just a few minutes to complete.