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Hi there! I’m Jo Murfin, I can help you to get a new job, change career or be your best in your role.

As an experienced Qualified Leadership and Career Coach, I have a huge breadth of knowledge and experience, which gives me the freedom to explore what gets you the best results.  We work with a range of coaching tools and techniques with a strengths-based approach, we focus on what you can do.

There is no one-size-fits-all. You are not the type of person who can be placed in a box. It could be one approach, or it could be a mixture. Finding out together is part of the fun!

My confidence has been helped by this process and I felt happier after each session, which has benefits in terms of going on to be more productive as a result.

Liz, Brighton

Latest News

Coaching to get the job you want. Jo Murfin Career Coach Brighton

Career coaching to get the job you want

Present yourself in a positive way. Highlight your strengths and talents. Showcase your successes.

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Find a new career you love. Jo Murfin Career Coaching Brighton & Hove

Career coaching to find a new career you love

Do you feel stuck in a job? Are you at a crossroad in your career? Are you unsure of where to start looking?

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Career coaching to improve your confidence. Jo Murfin Career Coach Brighton wearing pink top and green jacket.

Career coaching to improve your confidence

Career and leadership coaching can help you to improve your confidence by supporting you to build a solid foundation of self-belief.

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Are you ready for meaningful change?

We can lead the change in our families and in our workplaces.  But it starts with creating change for ourselves.  My job is to help you do just that.  So you can step into the future from a place of strength and authenticity. That journey starts with a no obligation free call.