Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching can help you find your own leadership identity so you can solve your leadership challenges and get on track for a great leadership career.

I’m here to support you on your journey from identifying what you really want, breaking free from what’s stopping you, recognising and building on your strengths, through to taking those first steps to success.

You could be facing many different challenges at once, including:

  • Not enough time
  • Too much work
  • Under pressure
  • Feeling stressed
  • Poor work life balance
  • Remote team management and motivation
  • Lack of confidence and self-belief
  • Struggling with decision making and delegation
  • Seeking improved relationships and interpersonal skills

Coaching with me is a safe and non-judgemental space where we will ignite your imagination and you can explore ideas that feel right for you.

Benefits of leadership coaching include:

  • Development of core leadership skills (meet the criteria for your organisational leadership framework).
  • Techniques for workload and time management to focus energy and improve work life balance.
  • Tools for managing stress and building resilience to improve mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Improved confidence and self-belief with a clear leadership identity which builds on your strengths.
  • Confidence to use leadership styles effectively and appropriately according to situations and relationships.
  • Insight into emotional intelligence to build and nurture relationships to be a compassionate leader.

Take a look at how Your Coaching Journey could work here:

Your Coaching Journey

How does coaching work?

1. We start with a FREE 30 minute Information Session during which you can tell me about your challenges, ask questions and find out how coaching can help you.

2. I will give you the total cost for the coaching during the Information Session.  Coaching sessions are in affordable packages.  You leave the Information Session with everything you need to consider your next step, you are under no obligation, you can ask more questions at any point.

3. 60 minute coaching sessions are held online, telephone or in person, in a confidential environment.

4. We have FREE 30 minute online or telephone support calls between each session to support you with the actions you want to take.

5. You take away a follow-up action plan once coaching is complete.

‘The whole process of coaching with Jo has been highly constructive and effective.’

Change starts with a single step – click here to book a FREE Information Session 

Leadership Coaching within Your Organisation

My Leadership Coaching within Your Organisation Method can be tailored to suit your needs, please contact me for more information.  The basic method is outlined below:

  1. Information Meeting to identify what the organisation wants to achieve, timescale, scope and how good leadership is defined, for example an organisational leadership framework, and review requirements.
  2. Scoping document, quote, contract.
  3. Identification of leaders for individual coaching sessions (as per Your Coaching Journey above).  You may already have particular leaders in mind, prefer individual self-selection or require group workshops (six participants per workshop) to assist individuals and the organisation to select.
  4. Each individual receives a free online 30-minute Information Session prior to starting the coaching sessions.
  5. Confidential individual 60-minute coaching sessions are held online.  Dates are planned with individuals at the Information Session, within the timescale agreed in the contract.
  6. Feedback will be gathered from individuals during the coaching sessions to ensure quality and accessibility.
  7. End of contract review takes place as agreed in the contract.