Benefits of working with a qualified coach

What are the benefits of working with a qualified coach?

The benefits of working with a Qualified Coach are:

1. Quality: My coaching is accredited to a nationally recognised standard.  I am qualified with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to coach leaders and managers.

2. Success: The coaching approach I use works.  I demonstrated benefits during the qualification assessment process.  Continually I receive positive feedback and testimonials from my clients.

3. Flexibility: I have the knowledge and confidence to be flexible for you.  We use tools and techniques that will bring you the most benefit. Qualification training required evaluation of a wide range of coaching tools and techniques.  Continued learning and development takes place through my professional membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management and Association for Coaching.

4. Expertise: I have the skills and expertise to guide you on your personal journey.  With over 200 hours and six years coaching experience.  Regularly I receive mentoring and supervision from  the professional body the Association for Coaching. (Note: client details and session content are confidential and never shared)

5. Support: I will support you as a unique individual, without judgement or assumptions.  You can feel confident to be open and creative to make the most of your strengths.  My qualification assessments required extensive reflection on my own thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  On an ongoing basis I reflect and grow through my commitment to learning and development.  I work to the Association of Coaching Global Code of Ethics.

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