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Jo Murfin is a qualified career and leadership coach and people development manager.  Invest in your people.


Invest in your people

Are you retaining your best talent?

Do you attract high quality applicants to your vacancies?

What motivates your workforce?

Your organisation can achieve more with a vision for sustainable, inclusive and impactful career futures.

A thriving and high performing workforce supporting positive social and environmental impact.

A diverse workforce, demographically and cognitively, successfully collaborating and growing.

A workforce with a shared purpose in an organisation where people want to be their best and make a difference.

Invest in your people

The benefits

Organisations investing time and energy in developing their workforce will improve performance and retain their best staff.

This will enhance reputation and enable them to attract high quality candidates when recruiting.

Sustainable benefits
1. Attract the best talent.
2. Retain high performing employees.
3. Maximise use of technology and flexible working approaches.
4. Demonstrate positive environmental and social impact to customers, suppliers and staff.

Inclusive benefits
5. Good retention.
6. Creative ideas and solutions.
7. Sound decision making.
8. Attract customers and staff from a diverse base.

Impactful benefits
9. Excellent performance.
10. Strong collaboration.
11. Positive employee wellbeing and satisfaction.
12. A solid pipeline of future specialists and leaders.

What do your people want?

As individuals, the things your people want are likely to include:

• To align their life and work to their values.
• To make a difference and a positive contribution.
• To feel they belong and have a shared purpose.
• To be recognised and supported to be their best.
• To learn, grow and flourish.
• To make ethical and sustainable decisions.

Invest in your people

Your people development strategy will drive your achievement of sustainable, inclusive and impactful career futures.

Your strategy will include a range of methods to retain your best talent and attract high quality applicants.

Leadership and career coaching is a key development method.

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