'I was instantly impressed by Jo’s professionalism, kindness and giving energy. Jo talked me through her approach to coaching and also explored techniques with me, specifically the work she does with clients using strength cards. It was incredible how, through a simple exercise, she was able to help me identify personal qualities and reframe them as strengths. Jo is extremely approachable and professional and I would highly recommend working with her.'

Matilda, Brighton

'The whole process of coaching with Jo has been highly constructive and effective. Her friendly manner alongside her ability to ask challenging questions really helped me clarify career decisions. Thank you!'

Amanda, Brighton

'Jo was really challenging us to think about our leadership styles. I have certainly come away really thinking about myself, my influence on the wider team and how I can improve as a manager. I fully recommend Jo as a coach and I hope to work with her again in the future. '

Samuel, Sussex

‘I was at an interesting point in my career, I gained a promotion and needed some additional support with this change. I am really pleased Jo coached me, she has a vibrancy and a kindness which helped me to be open and honest with her. During our sessions Jo used different resources which kept things fresh and enabled me to see the issues I was facing from different perspectives. I came away from our sessions feeling really calm and centred for the rest of the day. Even now I try to capture that feeling when I start to feel overwhelmed. As a result of coaching with Jo I now have a really strong and positive plan on how to develop my career and I am much more aware of the need to check in and support myself.’ 

Laura, Brighton

‘Jo is both a passionate and highly skilled coach. Since meeting Jo, several years ago, she has been on a journey to learn, improve and hone her skills in this field; she provides a great experience for anyone she works with. Jo completed her training for ILM level 3 and progressed to ILM level 5 showing her commitment to further learning and improvement and demonstrating her ability to work effectively with managers and leaders. She has grown into an accomplished, insightful and skilled professional who I would recommend.’ 

Julia Miles, Managing Director Quality Education & Development

‘Jo is a fantastic coach who has very successfully supported leaders in the NHS, at East Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council. She has worked at all levels of organisations on a wide range of issues, from building confidence and resilience, to thinking in a more systemic way to further senior leadership career development. Coachees have found Jo to be highly empathetic and appreciate the wide range of activities and tools used to help them move towards their goals. As Jo is one of the more experienced coaches in our coaching network she is often able to mentor other newly qualified coaches and help them come up with creative ways of working with their clients’.

Lisa Burroughes, Coaching Pool Network Manager.