Career coaching

Career coaching can help you to find the confidence and motivation to explore options and find a new direction that’s right for you.

I help people who are stuck to find a new career that they love.

I spent 15 years recruiting staff as a front-line manager, 4 years as a recruitment consultant and recently worked on recruitment marketing projects for East Sussex County Council.

My 5 Step Career Coaching Method 

1. Break Free: I help you to believe in your capability. By working with you to shift your thinking to the constructive and positive. So you can move forward without the things that were blocking you.

2. Know Your Worth:  I help you to see what you’re great at.  By identifying your natural strengths and transferable skills.  So you can be confident in your talents and abilities.

3. Find Your Passion:  I help you to clearly see what you want.  By considering all areas of your life such as money, family, wellbeing, creativity, fulfilment.  So you have a realistic vision and can see where you are heading.

4. Take Control:  I help you to focus your time and energy.  By breaking down your plans into achievable bite-sized chunks.  So you can take action to re-train, get a promotion, get a new job.

5. Start Your New Career:  I help you to be motivated to take action.  By supporting you to confidently take first steps.  So you can be on your way to a new career that you love.

You could be facing many different things all at once, including:

  • Low confidence
  • Low motivation
  • Feeling stuck
  • Looking for promotion
  • Feelings of rejection
  • Finding your strengths
  • Unsure where to go next in your career
  • Balancing demands such as money, family, wellbeing and creativity

Coaching with me is a safe and non-judgemental space where we will ignite your imagination and you can explore ideas that feel right for you.

Benefits of career coaching include:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Know your worth
  • Clarity on the way forward
  • Recognise your strengths and know how to use them
  • Motivation to take the first steps
  • Interview and presentation preparation
  • Dealing with application and interview outcomes

Take a look at how Your Coaching Journey could work here:

Your Coaching Journey

How does coaching work?

1. We start with a FREE 30 minute Information Session during which you can tell me about your challenges, ask questions and find out how coaching can help you.

2. I will give you the total cost for the coaching during the Information Session.  Coaching sessions are in affordable packages.  You leave the Information Session with everything you need to consider your next step, you are under no obligation, you can ask more questions at any point.

3. 60 minute coaching sessions are held online, telephone or in person, in a confidential environment.

4. We have FREE 30 minute online or telephone support calls between each session to support you with the actions you want to take.

5. You take away a follow-up action plan once coaching is complete.

‘I’m now much clearer about what I want from my future career.’

Change starts with a single step – click here to book a FREE Information Session