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Jo Murfin Career Coach Brighton. Love Your Work.  You only live once!

Love Your Work

Do you dread Monday morning?

Are other people getting the exciting work?

Do you want to enjoy your life?


You might feel that your only option is to leave the job you have or change to a new career.

However, the key to successful job or career change is to move towards something you want, rather than away from something you don’t. To love the work you have is a good starting point for your future career goals.

Love what you have

Working on what you have will improve your self-belief, inspire you to succeed and support you to get what you want.

You will have a confident foundation for any moves you want to make in the future.

8 steps to love your work

1. Step into a growth mindset each morning, in preparation for a successful day.

2. Connect and collaborate with colleagues and peers, for a sense of belonging.

3. Celebrate a success each day, to develop your sense of worth and break any self-doubt and imposter feelings.

4. Set your career goals, so you are moving towards what you want.

5. Focus your time and energy, to motivate you to take action.

6. Ask for what you want and what you need, so you feel appreciated.

7. Welcome feedback, to improve your performance and identify development opportunities.

8. Learn and grow each day, which will build your self-belief and confidence in your abilities.


How does career coaching help?

Career coaching gives you a structure, someone to explore ideas with and to support you to plan and take action. Together we use a range of coaching techniques and practical tools, with a strengths-based approach, we focus on what you can do.

Your coaching sessions

This is how your career coaching sessions with me look.

Your Coaching Journey
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We break down your goals into achievable bite-sized actions and I support you to take your first steps.


The results, you feel:

  • Capable
  • Appreciated
  • Confident
  • Successful
  • Fulfilled
  • Inspired

Get ready for the next step.

Love your work

Love your work

So you can love your life!

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