Brown rabbit face and ears
Going down a rabbit hole into an unknown new career can be scary. Career Coaching with Jo Murfin Coaching can help to focus your energy.

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit About Career Change

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, we go on a journey into an unknown land as Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole.  The adventure is often surprising and not always easy as she meets unfamiliar and fascinating characters.

I wonder how Alice’s life would have been if she hadn’t burned with curiosity when she saw the rabbit take a watch from its waistcoat pocket?  What if she’d simply accepted sitting on the riverbank with her sister with nothing to do, even though she was beginning to get very tired of it?  How would her life have been different?  Would she have felt stuck later in life?

If you are feeling stuck in a job or career path and not sure where to go, making a change can feel daunting.

  • Do you lack confidence in your own abilities?
  • Are you struggling to think outside of your current situation?
  • Are you stuck and don’t know where to start?

From a career change perspective, my main learning from Alice’s adventures is that she was curious and open to new experiences.  Alice transferred her strengths to new situations.

You could start your journey into a new land by considering:

  • What grabs your attention?
  • What do you love doing that makes you feel energised?
  • Who can you speak to for some inspiration and information?

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