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Jo Murfin Inclusive Coach. Inclusive coaching supports everyone to feel they belong and are respected.


What is inclusive coaching?

Inclusive coaching supports everyone to feel they belong and are respected.

An inclusive coach recognises, welcomes and celebrates the rich diversity of people within our society.

With an intersectional approach, you are recognised as an individual, so you can bring your experiences without judgement or assumptions.

Coaching in an inclusive way, the coach holds a safe space, so you can explore ideas that are right for you.

Feel assured that coaching is completely confidential.

You are in the driving seat at all times and the relationship is an equal one.


Why does inclusive coaching matter?

Feeling that we belong matters.

Knowing that we can share challenges, thoughts and ideas without judgement is refreshing.

Having support to explore outside our comfort zone is exhilarating.

Respect, kindness, safety and individuality matter.


What are the benefits?

Inclusive coaching is an opportunity to focus on what you want.

Structured support enables you to break free from things that are stopping you.

  • Feel confident in your abilities
  • Improve your self-belief and resilience
  • Know your worth
  • Highlight your strengths
  • Focus your time and energy
  • Present yourself in a positive way


As an inclusive coach, I can work with you on career coaching, leadership coaching and life coaching.


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How does inclusive coaching work?

Starting with our free 30 minute Information Session, you can tell me about your challenges, ask questions and find out how coaching can help you.

We then agree your overall goal and identify our headline topics to work on, for example ‘to find your future career direction’ or ‘to improve your confidence’.

During this initial meeting we begin to build trust, so you can feel comfortable to share your thoughts and ideas.

Next, I help you to prepare for our first coaching session.


What happens during a session?

As your coach I actively listen, ask insightful questions and offer tailored exercises to inspire ideas and promote clarity.

With a strengths-based approach we focus on what you can do.

We consider what motivates you, what values are important to you and what success looks like in your world.

I have a wide knowledge of a range of coaching techniques and exercises, which gives us the freedom to explore what gets you the best results.


Your coaching sessions

This is how your coaching sessions with me look.

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