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Jo Murfin Career Coach Brighton, East Sussex. Love the job you have and reach your career goals.

Love the Job You Have


Do you feel:






You might feel that your only option is to leave the job you have.

However, the key to successful job or career change is to move towards something you want, rather than away from something you don’t.  To love the job you have is a good starting point for your future career goals.


Consider your options

  • Leave this job and get a job you want.
  • Change your career to something you want to do.
  • Love the job you have.
  • Insert other options here depending on your personal circumstances.


Key points

You have options.

Always move towards the things that you want.

Mindset matters.


Watch my video on improving your confidence.


If you want to feel:









Get ready for the next step.


Your choice

You may choose to leave this job and get a job you want. Great, you are moving towards something you want.

The time could be right for a career change. Terrific, again you are moving towards something you want.

You could be feeling that the starting point for you is to work on what you have. Excellent, you are also moving towards something you want!


Work on what you have

Working on what you have will improve your self-belief, inspire you to succeed and support you to get what you want.

Loving the job you have will give you a confident foundation for any moves you want to make in the future.


8 steps to love the job you have

1. Step into a growth mindset each morning, in preparation for a successful day.

2. Connect and collaborate with colleagues, for a sense of belonging.

3. Celebrate a success each day, to develop your sense of worth and break any self-doubt and imposter feelings.

4. Set your career goals, so you are moving towards what you want.

5. Focus your time and energy, to motivate you to take action.

6. Ask for what you want and what you need, so you feel appreciated.

7. Welcome feedback, to improve your performance and identify development opportunities.

8. Learn and grow each day, which will build your self-belief and confidence in your abilities.


How does coaching help?

Coaching is structured support, exercises and practical tools to help you to develop personally and professionally.

The coaching techniques I use will help you to see yourself and your challenges differently. So you can maximise your strengths, open up new possibilities and achieve your goals.

We’ll break down your goals into achievable bite-sized actions and I’ll support you to take your first steps.

Improve your confidence.

Identify what you want and what you need.

Break free from what’s stopping you.

Improve your performance.

Be inspired to try new things.

Reach your career goals.

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